We are committed to advancing a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive venture ecosystem. As part of this commitment, our venture capital (VC) firm is signing the NVCA and Venture Forward #VCHumanCapital Pledge to participate in the VC Human Capital Survey—powered by NVCA, Venture Forward and Deloitte—by submitting our firm’s workforce demographics and talent management details by the Surveydeadline. This Survey is a critical component for tracking, measuring, and reporting the industry’s data and progress, and we commit to doing our part to further this industry-wide, data-driven effort to drive meaningful change. 

VC Firms Who Have Signed the #VCHumanCapital Pledge

(176 firms have signed as of September 26, 2022)

If you are a US-based active venture capital firm and want to add your firm’s name to this commitment to complete the VC Human Capital Survey, please contact Maryam Haque ([email protected]).

*Denotes firms represented on the Venture Forward or NVCA boards