Fin Capital is a full lifecycle global asset manager exclusively focused on FinTech. As ESG investors, we seek impact on several dimensions and our mission is to build a long-term legacy for our investors, founders, firm and team members – the "Fin Family." We are passionate about rolling up our sleeves and partnering with repeat entrepreneurs that have deep financial services experience, audacious goals, differentiated products, and a global platform mindset.

We call ourselves "FinTech Nerds with Capital" as we are operators at our core with deep corporate and start-up leadership experience - we know intimately what it’s like to walk in entrepreneurial shoes. Through our "OS" Lighthouse and hands-on operating playbook, we add meaningful value beyond capital throughout the partnership lifecycle.

Business Models

B2B, with a focus on Enterprise SaaS companies


Primary focus on the US and UK-EU, with opportunistic consideration for other geo’s.


Inception - Regatta
Seed->B - Flagship
Growth (C+) - Horizons
Publics - Constellation

Check Sizes

Regatta - $250K-$2M
Flagship - $2-15M
Horizons - $25-50M
Constellation - $100M+

We believe in a thesis and data science driven approach.

Embedded Finance

Lending, Banking, Payments

Asset Management

Capital Markets Platforms, Quant/NextGen Analytics, ESG Tech

CFO Tech Stack

Treasury Management, Strategic FP&A/Tax, and Accounting Automation


Embedded Insurance, New Risks/Technologies, and Value Chain Digitization

Blockchain/Web 3

Enterprise Applications and SaaS Solutions

Enabling Tech

AI/ML, big data/analytics, RegTech, Cloud Infra


CRE Tech, ConTech, Asset/Portfolio Management, Blockchain/Web 3.0


Emerging B2B FinTech themes

What We Are Looking For

  • B2B SaaS recurring revenue model, 70-80%+ gross margins at scale, low churn, high net $ retention, and other top decile SaaS metrics
  • Exceptional founding team with a) Deep relevant industry experience; b) Technical founder(s); and c) Repeat entrepreneurs
  • Product-led growth with deep IP moats and mission-critical stickiness to principally enterprise customers
  • $1B+ TAM with clear scaling opportunity to expand into other geographies, channels, and product/service adjacencies
  • We can add meaningful operating value beyond capital
  • As a UN PRI Signatory and ESG compliant firm - company aligns to our ESG metrics
  • How We Move The Needle

  • Business Development & GTM Approach
  • Corporate Development
  • Capital Formation
  • Board Leadership
  • Product Roadmap
  • Talent Sourcing

  • Explore our proprietary platform "Lighthouse" and see how we add value.

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