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Logan Allin Speaking At 6th Annual Family Office FinTech Summit 2021

The Sixth Annual Family Office Fintech Summit 2021, Family Wealth Report’s annual flagship conference, is a forum for discussion of best practice and real-life examples of adopting and investing in technology by multi and single-family offices.

In a decade set to change everything – accelerated by COVID-19 – family offices will need to deploy a radically different toolkit to stay ahead.

Through a tightly-curated three-day programme of keynotes, panel discussions, masterclasses and peer conversations, our 6th Family Office FinTech Summit will provide our guests with insights and action points around three broad themes:

  • Making family office work in the digital sphere
  • Drivers of technological change – privacy, crypto and impact
  • Technology roadmap: building your architecture

The discussion will be on day 2 (5 May) at 10:45 ET (40min) followed by a peer conversation at 11:30 ET.

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