Fin Capital’s Fintech CEO Pulse: A Biannual Check on Fintech  
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Fin Capital’s Fintech CEO Pulse: A Biannual Check on Fintech  

We are excited to introduce Fin Capital’s Fintech CEO Pulse. This biannual survey is designed to take the pulse of the fintech landscape through the eyes of the industry’s leading voices—CEOs of B2B fintech companies. 

In an ever-evolving market, understanding the perspectives and priorities of fintech leaders is crucial. Our 10-question survey aims to gather insights directly from CEOs, providing a snapshot of their outlook on the industry, the challenges they face, and their strategic priorities for the coming months. 

Whether it’s the impact of economic trends, the role of AI in daily operations, or plans for future acquisitions, this survey will delve into the topics that matter most to fintech leaders today. The collective insights will not only help our community navigate the waters ahead but also shape the narrative around fintech innovation and growth. 

We invite all CEOs of B2B fintech companies to participate in this brief survey. Your input will be invaluable in helping us, and the broader ecosystem, understand the currents influencing our industry. 

Participating is simple and quick. Click [here] to take the survey and share your insights with us. Stay tuned for the findings to come in late July. 

Help us capture the state of fintech. 

Disclaimer: Individual survey responses will be kept confidential by Fin Capital. Individual responses will only be accessible by Fin Capital (including affiliated Fin Capital entities). Aggregate results of this survey will be shared with participants and the broader ecosystem.