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Fin 2021 Holiday Message

Dear Fin Family –

We hope our annual holiday message finds you safe and sound. The past 12 months have been an incredibly busy time for us as a firm, with significant achievements across our portfolio, strong additions to our team, and continued growth in our investor partnerships. Heading into the holidays we are grateful for the year we are leaving behind and optimistic for the one ahead!

The past year was marked by transition and volatility in the micro venture capital and FinTech landscapes and at the macro level, with vaccine rollouts, gradual recovery of economies with ongoing volatility, fiscal and monetary shifts, travel re-emergence, and uncertainty around interest rates and inflation. We recognize that the world is not fully normalized and that these macro uncertainties and pandemic variables will likely extend into 2022 and beyond. Our deepest empathies and thoughts go out to those whose lives and families have been impacted by these ongoing challenges, and we stand by to support in any way.

In reflecting on the year and looking ahead, we remain humbled by and grateful for the support and engagement of our Founders, LPs, strategic partners, and team. 2021 was a year of inflection for Fin: With your support, we expanded our portfolio by over 3x, grew our team by 4x, increased our AUM by 10x to $1B+, and delivered a meaningful impact on the FinTech ecosystem – from a growth, financial, and ESG lens. In the upcoming year, we look forward to continuing this momentum – we will be opening offices in London and Los Angeles, adding to our team and community, launching new strategies to reinforce the power of our full lifecycle capabilities, extending our global footprint, and continuing to take a fiduciary approach to building impact and legacy as we continue on the path to becoming the largest FinTech asset management firm globally.

We thank you sincerely for being on board as we steer our way into the new year we are only as strong as the collective Fin Family and we look forward to continuing our journey together in 2022!